How did terrorists operate so easily
in Arlington Virginia prior to 9/11?

Pappas Realty used and distracted Arlington Law Enforcement to serve selfish landlord needs
thus making it easier for terrorists to operate in Arlington and plan September 11, 2001

Law Enforcement has spent over thousands in Arlington Virginia Tax Payer funds, and hundreds of man hours prosecuting Pappas's tenants.

Police were distracted as terrorists in Al Quida surveyed the Pentagon area, making notes on the best approach to the building.  No Arlington Police saw them, or questioned what they were doing in the area.

125 military service members, employees and contract workers died in the September 11 attack on the Pentagon building in Arlington.
An additional 64 people died aboard the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the west side of the building.
Pappas was never punished or charged for his numerous false police reports and perjury in courts of law.
Virginia tax payers paid for the prosecutions, as Pappas Realty avoids taxes with numerous real estate write offs.