opening sequence

No Way Out - past the Lincoln Memorial

Kevin Costner - Washington Monument

Gene Hackman

Camera zooms out

Past  the Pentagon

John Alcott

Arlington Virginia apartment buildings

Robert Garland

Rental house belonging to Pappas Realty

Used in the movie for the "Russian Spy House"

Pappas keeps this "secret house" from Judge Henenberg
even as it was seen by millions in this popular movie.

"Lying Landlord Louie" claims he is "not a full time landlord" and
therefore exempt from the Virginia Housing Code
for providing proper living conditions to tenants

There's "No Way Out" of this lie to the Judge for Pappas.

After the tenants graciously allowed their home to be used by the crew for the movie,
Pappas considered the house more valuable, and raised the rent.

"No Way Out" is intellectual property of Orion Pictures, a division of MGM, 1987 

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