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Monica S. & Allison S. of Arlington VA
win judgment for their security deposits
from lying landlord Louis Pappas and
partner in crime Attorney Mark Friedlander

Last names are hidden to protect the privacy of the plaintiffs

On February 13, 2001, after not replying to their requests
since November 2000, Pappas finally and
suddenly explains to Monica and Allison
why he is keeping $950.15 of their security deposit.

* Trumped up charges


* Trumped up charges:  Pappas asked Marvin, his handy man of over 15 years, to create a list of expenses.   Marvin, an honest and hard working contractor, was not told the purpose of this listing.  Later on he found out that Pappas used these "trumped up" expenses to maximize the security deposit retained, and to give false testimony in court.
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Marvin Edmonds later resigned and bravely testified against Pappas
even though he knew it would cost him lucrative work contract with Pappas

Full names and photos not posted to protect the innocent.
Public information from Arlington District Court office.

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