Proposed Virginia House or Senate Bills

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The Pappas Tenant Association is preparing bills
for presentation by our representatives in Virginia
Please contact your representative with your views
on tenant protection issues and legislation.

Delegate Congress State Senate

 Albert Eisenberg

Albert Eisenberg
Member Since 2004
D - 47th District
County of Arlington
P.O. Box 1511
Arlington, VA 22210
Phone: (703) 276-9414
Fax: (703)276-9414
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Senator Whipple
Democratic Caucus Chair
Democrat - District 31
3556 North Valley Street
Arlington, VA 22207-4445
Phone: (703) 538-4097
Fax: (703) 538-2486
Housing Study Commission
Senator Mary Margaret Whipple
Legislative Assistant: Janie Burton

Virginia House of Delegates 2002
Delegate Robert H. Brink
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Senator - 30th District
Patsy Ticer
Senator Mims
Senator Bill Mims

Republican - District 33


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Delegate - 49th District
L. Karen Darner

Office: 703-922-8537
Asst: Doris Beshaw

Virginia General Assembly

Courts of Justice Committee