Pappas Has "No" Keys With Him

4 A Attorney Leon Demsky wanted Pappas to show his keys to the jury.  This would show that he still has the same old keys he has had for years, and show they were never stolen.

QUESTION: Do you have your keys with you now?

Pappas evidently did not want to show his keys.  They would be shown to be old and worn.  He knew his handy man Marvin was in the court room, who did his lock and key work.  His lie would be evident.  So he stated to The Court that he had "no" keys with him.

As a landlord, of course he carries keys.  He did not take the Metro.  Right after the trial he used those keys to get in to his car, parked outside the Arlington Court House, in the handicapped spot.  The Tag YTZ 7900 shows that it is the same car Pappas often has parked outside his Pappas Realty office.

Pappas used the very keys he just testified to The Court that he did not have.

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The Pappas Get Away Car

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