How to Collect Your Deposit

From the Arlington Court Web Site

After the Judgment is Entered

Enforcing the Judgment

The judgment of the court is, in itself, nothing but an official statement in the court's records that the defendant, now also called the judgment debtor, owes the plaintiff, the judgment creditor, a certain amount of money with interest. The judgment must be enforced out of the assets of the defendant.

To enforce the collection of the judgment, the judgment creditor may contact the general district court clerk's office for additional information on court procedures to collect the judgment, including:


This is the technique used successfully by other Pappas Tenants
most recently by two lady tenants

You should not have to go through any special procedures to get your security deposit back.
It should have been given to you upon moving out.
But Virginia Law protects you.

A collection agency will only get involved if you have taken the landlord to court, and obtained a judgement for your security deposit.

Collection services you may wish to use include