Mr. & Mrs. Inman

Robert   Nanette
2320 South Eads
Arlington, VA 22202

Mr. and Mrs. Inman runs a Transcendental Meditation Center out of the house, a peaceful, nonprofit community service and educational center.   

Mr. Inman, a proficient handy man, makes many improvements to the house at his own expense.

Things start out well, but begin to sour as Mr. Pappas refuses to make any standard household improvements or pay for materials.

Mr. Pappas makes them buy their own washer and dryer.

Mr. Inman fixes air conditioners for the house at his own expense.

Mr. Pappas refuses to give them back the security deposit, even though they find another tenant ready to move in. Mr. Pappas would not lose any money that way. Nevertheless, Mr. Pappas keeps the deposit. The I.'s move to South Dakota in disgust.

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