R. Oelberg

2320 South Eads
Arlington, VA 22202

When R.O. moves in there is mostly lawn on the property. He is a landscape architect and loves the lawn. Without any warning, Mr. Pappas has the lawn paved to put in mostly parking lot, more than Arlington legally allows.

Mr. Pappas begins parking people on the lot, the staff from Burke & Herbert Bank. He is a buddy of the owners. Bob, a man of saint-like patience, does not complain.

R.O. does landscaping on the yard, to make it look better. He does so at his own expense, giving Mr. Pappas thousands of dollars worth of plants and labor.

R.O., a quiet, noncontroversial man, moves to Iowa.

Mr. Pappas says that R.O. was the best tenant he ever had, and wishes he had more like him.

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