Initially, it was reported to Shaddock by his attorney in Fairfield Iowa, where he was around the time of the alleged assault, that a gun was involved.  This made the charge a felony.   Attorney Ken Ketterhagen was told it was armed robbery, by the Fairfield Police Department.

Later any mention of a gun was gone, indicating Pappas had changed his story.  The charge was changed to a misdemeanor.

This changing of degree of assault indicates Pappas is unreliable in his testimony.

We need to see the initial police report to verify this
It would have been very dark at the time, and Pappas cannot see well.

Ask him to read a vision chart at the hearing. How can we believe anything that Pappas allegedly saw?

Note: Did Pappas ride to the office or drive his car?
Which way was his car facing?  Which side of the driveway was the car on at the time Officer Han arrived?

How did Pappas get in his home or office if his keys were stolen?