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The keys that were never stolen after all

Louis Pappas told Arlington Police Officer Stephen Meincke (#1021) and Magistrate Christopher J. Agresto that his former tenant Shaddock had stolen "50 keys to rental properties" with a value of "$300."

Commonwealth Attorney William Wetzonis tried the case in December 2001, and January 2002.  But he heard so many inconsistencies in Pappas' testimony that he Nolle Prosequi'd the charge. 

Court Transcript December 3, 2001 Page 69 Line 10
ATTORNEY: As part of this incident, these keys, did you make an insurance claim to get compensation for your keys that were lost?
PAPPAS: No.  It was only $200
ATTORNEY: For the locksmith to go to all these doors, or what?
PAPPAS: I have the repair tickets.  It wasn't a large amount, $500 deductible.  But I did not claim that.  It was more work.  It was a lot of work to duplicate them, go to the tenants, etc.

Pappas never presented the alleged repair tickets.  No tenants were contacted about duplicating any keys or changing any locks.  In one hearing, Pappas talks about duplicating the keys (which is not very secure if a theft occurred).  In the next hearing, he changes his story, and talks about replacing them. 

Court Transcript: January 7, 2002 Page 124 Line 16
ATTORNEY: Did there come a time that you started replacing these keys?
ATTORNEY: Now, did you replace the keys, or did you replace the locks?

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Marvin Edmunds (Pappas' Handy Man and Grounds Keeper for over 10 years): "Mr. Pappas did not duplicate the keys or change the locks.  He would have asked me to do it.  He and I still have the same keys we've had for years, and the tenants have the same locks."

Judge Almand found the charge to lack such evidence and was so outrageous that he granted an Expungement of the charge from Shaddock's record.

There were numerous lies that Louis Pappas told to police officers, prosecutors, juries, and judges.  Yet he has not been issued a warrant for arrest for his perjury.  Is Arlington a place where rich landlords can lie and waste law enforcement resources?

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