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43 Pappas Lies

Probable Cause for an
Investigation regarding a
Charge of Perjury and
Making False Police Reports

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Perjury is a Felony under 18USC§1621 and a
Class 5 Felony under §18.2-434, 435, 436 of the Virginia Code
Arlington Police Report 030503022

Pappas Tenant Shaddock was found "Without Question...Not Guilty" by the jury
but had to endure the expense and insult of Pappas' false accusations

Louis Pappas misused the brave and busy police and prosecutors of Arlington County, at taxpayer expense, to make numerous false accusations against his tenant in apparent retaliation for organizing the Pappas Tenant Association.  Shaddock educated fellow Pappas tenants on their rights by Virginia Law, and assists them in the recovery of their security deposits in Small Claims Court (example).  After declaring his tenant a trespasser, and finding the officials believing him, Pappas became more confident that he could say just anything to authorities with impunity.

Here are a series of false statements including over 30 that Louis Pappas uttered under oath during his 30 minutes on the stand (about 1 lie per minute).  If he lies on these things, under oath, can we believe his accusations?   Pappas has accused Shaddock of all kinds of things, such as assaulting him February 12th 8:00pm outside his office, and stealing 50 of his keys to his tenants' properties. He used those very keys to drive to the Court House.

The lies may seem insignificant when considered individually. But when taken together, they indicate a pattern of poor credibility by Mr. Pappas.  Here are some Dubious Statements and "Pappas Pap" from court hearings.

No. Lie About Description of Pappas' Lie

Verifiable By

1 Alleged Assault



Pappas stated that Shaddock assaulted him.  There was no physical evidence for this.  There was no credible circumstantial evidence for this, despite great efforts and waste of public resources by the prosecution.  100% of the jury ruled the charge Not Guilty after about 15 minutes of deliberation on 2/5/2002. 

This charge was completely expunged from Shaddock's record - an unusual step which is only granted by a judge in the case of a manifest injustice.

Shaddock was over 1000 miles away in Iowa at the time of the alleged assault.

100% of Jury votes Not Guilty
within minutes
Judge Expunges Charge
wpe4.jpg (1950 bytes)
Found Pappas to be a liar



False police report

Statement of property lock/key change

Pappas stated to police officers and a magistrate to obtain a warrant for arrest for the "stolen" keys,  On three occasions, he stated to the jury, and judge under oath that he had to have all the locks changed on his property, that he had receipts, and that it was about $200.

Court Transcript December 3, 2001 Page 69 Line 10
ATTORNEY: As part of this incident, these keys, did you make an insurance claim to get compensation for your keys that were lost?
PAPPAS: No.  It was only $200
ATTORNEY: For the locksmith to go to all these doors, or what?
PAPPAS: I have the repair tickets.  It wasn't a large amount, $500 deductible.  But I did not claim that.  It was more work.  It was a lot of work to duplicate them, go to the tenants, etc.

Pappas never presented the alleged repair tickets.  No tenants were contacted about duplicating any keys or changing any locks.  In one hearing, Pappas talks about duplicating the keys (which is not very secure if a theft occurred).  In the next hearing, he changes his story, and talks about replacing them. 

Court Transcript: January 7, 2002 Page 124 Line 16
ATTORNEY: Did there come a time that you started replacing these keys?
ATTORNEY: Now, did you replace the keys, or did you replace the locks?

Pappas did not have his locks changed, and upon interviewing tenants, no locks were changed, contrary to prior testimony. He still had his keys.  So, no theft of 50 keys occurred.

If there was no refit, the jury must acquit. Theft of any item is the only reason this case has gotten beyond being treated as a misdemeanor scuffle. 

Marvin Edmunds, his handy man, the one who changes his locks, testifies that no big lock changes occurred in February 2001, and that Pappas still has keys he has had for years. There were no receipts from any hardware store to support that "It was a lot of work to duplicate them."  One of the first things a landlord should do, if keys are stolen is to have the locks changed, so that no one can enter a tenant's property.  Key duplication is useless.

Marvin says Pappas' office key had a yellow plastic cover, and that Pappas still has it.

In 2002, the Commonwealth Attorney initially Nolle Prosequi'd the case - which means he chose not to prosecute because he did not have sufficient evidence to proceed.   This charge was later completely expunged from Shaddock's record - an unusual step which is only granted by a judge in the case of a manifest injustice.

Key Statements
on the Locks

Pappas: "It was a lot of work to duplicate them"

marvin.jpg (2007 bytes)  wpe7.jpg (1963 bytes)

Marvin: "Mr. Pappas did not duplicate the keys or change the locks.  He would have asked me to do it.  He and I still have the same keys we've had for years, and the tenants have the same locks."

Pappas' Handy Man
and Grounds Keeper
for over 10 years
Marvin A.H. Edmunds

As there was no Refit
so the Jury did acquit

and a Judge
signed the order to
Nolle prosequi
not prosecute.

3 Intentionally submitting false evidence Pappas submitted as "evidence" a single receipt for a lock change in August 2001, six (6) months after the alleged incident.  Marvin stated that this receipt was really because a lady tenant had difficulty using the lock.  Such periodical lock changes are normal in real estate property management.  But Pappas submitted obviously false evidence, and to attempt to fool the jury into thinking this August change had something to do with the alleged theft in February. 

This shows a willingness to not only lie, but to lie again by actively submitting bogus evidence, further compounding the perjury, and showing a clear intent to lie to authorities.  The only reason Pappas would have for going through his records to find the receipt, and giving it to the prosecuting Commonwealth Attorney, would be to try to fraudulently imply that the receipt had relevance in the case.  The jury was not fooled by such a ploy.

This receipt was probably for the property was 627 South 23rd Street, changed in August.   According to Marvin, Pappas has not changed many locks, so they are memorable. That was when Monica and Allison lived at the house at the time.  Further, it was a "re-key" - not a lock change at all.  So still there were no locks changed.  Marvin was painting there at the time. 

wpe1.jpg (1539 bytes)

wpe2.jpg (2142 bytes)

wpe1.jpg (5493 bytes)

4 Falsely testified he had no keys with him

Withholding evidence

Obstruction of justice

Attorney Leon Demsky wanted Pappas, under Oath, to show his keys to the jury.  This would show that he still has the same old keys which he has had for years, and show they were never stolen.

Court Transcript: January 7, 2002 Page 124 Line 16
ATTORNEY: "Do you have any keys with you today?"

Pappas evidently did not want to show his keys.  They would be shown to be old and worn.  If they were fairly new, they would look that way.  He knew his handy man Marvin was in the court room, who did his lock and key work.  His lie would be evident.  So he stated to The Court that he had "No" keys with him.

As a landlord, of course he carries keys.  Most people carry at least one key on them - at least to their car or house.  How would Pappas get home after the trial?  Does Pappas leave his home door unlocked? This is preposterous.  Pappas did have keys on him, and he lied to the Court.

Pappas did not take the Metro.  Right after the trial he used those keys to get in to his car, parked outside the Arlington Court House, in the handicapped spot.  The tag YTZ 7900 shows that it is the same car Pappas often has parked outside his Pappas Realty office.

Pappas got to the Court House using the very keys he just testified to The Court that he did not have.

Pappas denies having keys to his car even though it was parked outside the
Arlington Court House
during the trial
PapCarArl3.jpg (125354 bytes)
Virginia tag YTZ 7900

January 7, 2002
about 4:00 pm
just after the trial

5 False statement of doctor visit


Pappas said he called the police in the morning following the Feb 12 incident, the morning of Feb 13th. PAPPAS: "The next morning I went to see Dr. Manchester..."

Officer Matthew Han said they got the call at 10:54, Han got dispatch at 11:01, and arrived at Pappas's office about 11:11 am Feb 13 and talked about 1/2 hour (11:41). How did Pappas get to the doctor while it was still morning? How did he drive if his keys were stolen?  He had 20 more minutes for "morning" This would be used up in traffic. If it was not an emergency, as he stated, how did he get right in to see the doctor?  (It takes 20 minutes just to get from his home or office to Dr. Carposis'.)

Marvin says Pappas always leaves the office by 6:00 pm.  So for him to be at the office at 8:00 is unlike him.

On Tuesday February 13, Pappas faxed a letter of phony expenses in attempt to justify stealing the security deposits from two young lady tenants.  (See below faxing phony expenses 2/13/2001)

Officer Han and
Arlington Police
report records

wpe5.jpg (15360 bytes)

11:11 am

6 False statement of doctor's name There seems to be no such "Dr. Manchester" in the phone book for VA, DC, or MD. There is no Dr. Manchester certified in the entire State of Virginia or Metro area.
wpeD.jpg (2302 bytes)  wpeA.jpg (2822 bytes)  wpeB.jpg (66518 bytes)

No Dr. Manchester
in the Phone book

Yellow Pages and VA Medical Registration in Richmond, show no such Dr. Manchester

7 False statement of doctor visit There is no evidence to show that Pappas visited any doctor at all, contrary to his testimony last trial. We cannot even find the Dr. Manchester he supposedly visited.  There may not have been an assault at all. Officer Han, the police officer who took the report saw no visible signs of any assault.

No doctor's office has any record of Louis Pappas visiting the week of February 13, 2001
wpe8.jpg (4837 bytes)

No doctor receipts
or records of any kind
of Pappas's alleged "visit"

wpe9.jpg (1895 bytes)

8 False statement of relationship to doctor In trial 2, Pappas stated that Dr. Carpousis was "his cousin"

In trial 3 Pappas modified his story to say he was "a distant cousin"
Turns out, he is not a cousin at all.

Dr. Carpousis says no

9 False statement of location of doctor Pappas stated that he saw the Doctor "at his home"

Dr. Carpousis does not see any patients at his home, and has a standard medical office.

feb09_25.jpg (125059 bytes)

10 False statement of car lock /key change Pappas said he had all his locks changed including his car. But he did not have his car locks changed. His car is a Buick Century, and the nearest dealer and person who would have changed the locks on the car did not have recall doing a lock change for Pappas. Car lock changes cannot be done on site. The car must be towed to the shop, 6.8 miles away.
Phone: (703) 370-7211 Fax: (703) 370-2793
GM BuyPower Manager Mike Chapura (703) 370-7211
has no record of rememberance of Pappas getting any locks or keys changed.

No record of car lock change
or extra key request

wpeE.jpg (11530 bytes)

11 False statement of number of properties Q. How many properties do you have, approximately?

Pappas: About 30

Q. Are these residential or commercial properties?

Pappas: Ninety percent commercial.

According to the Arlington Property Records, Pappas only has 15 properties, and 50% of them are residential.   However, it is a slant on the truth.

Arlington Property Records
(703) 228-3883
wpe6.jpg (4095 bytes)

12 False claim of eviction hearing Q. Did there come a time when you had to serve notice to evict Mr. Shaddock?
Pappas: Yes
Commonwealth: When was that?
Pappas: During the fire.

No paper was ever served, nor any eviction notice of any kind.  Not even a scrap of paper.

Pappas and Shaddock met at Athena Restaurant to discuss the plan that Shaddock would keep his things there and keep watch over the property, while living at nearby friends' and hotels that he made web sites for.

Pappas stated that Shaddock was evicted. There was no eviction, which requires a court hearing. When was this supposed court hearing? Pappas and Shaddock made an agreement that he would move out and get his security deposit back, which leads to

Pappas claimed to have evicted Shaddock, perhaps to try to put him in a bad light in front of the police, court and jury.  Why he would lie about something that would have been documented, shows his disregard for investigators.  Pappas would have remembered an eviction proceeding, especially as he had "no problems" with other tenants.   An eviction never occurred, and Pappas knew it.

No eviction notice was ever served
nor any paper of any kind
stating that he was not
allowed on the property.

Verify with Arlington County records.


13 False statement regarding support of rezoning Pappas stated that Shaddock was in favor of the rezoning

On 28-Nov-95, he testified AGAINST Pappas's desire to rezone 2320 South Eads Street from Residential (R1) to Commercial (C1) in full view of the public. 

Shaddock only found out about the hearing when he saw a notice on a telephone pole. Pappas seemed to be hiding from Shaddock a hearing that would affect the house he was renting.

Pappas never told him about it.  Shaddock predicted that, since commercial property rents for more, his rent would go up, and possibly he would have to move out for more lucrative commercial tenants. 

See Public Records from Arlington County Zoning Board.  Mrs. Dunkelberger of the Aurora Hills Community Association,and the transcript attest to the fact that Shaddock was on the opposing side of Pappas.

Arlington Zoning Board Notice
(703) 228-3883
Zoning Broadcast

14 False statement of house being condemned Pappas stated that the house was condemned.  Only in the first few weeks of the fire in May 1997 was Fire Marshall Kenneth Kent sealing the property in order to do a proper investigation and inspection of the house.  Officer Kent gave the keys back to Shaddock, and the house was never condemned.

wpe5F.jpg (3681 bytes)

Letter from Arlington Fire Marshall's Office would have a record if the property was condemned
Deputy Fire Marshall Kenneth Kent 
703-228-3600 x9514

15 False statement of not knowing house was a meditation center Pappas stated that he was not aware that the house was used as a TM Center that Rick was maintaining.  Why Pappas would lie about such a thing is strange.  Pappas was at the opening celebration for the Arlington TM Center about 1990.  He knew there was a sign in the front, saying "Transcendental Meditation Center" and commented on the big Natural Law Party banner when Shaddock ran for Congress in 1996.

Rick obtained permission to put up a Natural Law Party banner when he ran for Congress in 1996.

2320eads.gif (25289 bytes)


16 False statement of seeing Shaddock Pappas said that during the period of October 1997 and the Feb 2001, he saw Shaddock in Crystal City "4 or 5 times". Shaddock was in Iowa during most of that time. During any trips to DC Shaddock did not see him and had business in DC. Pappas should be asked if there were any witneses.

No witnesses
or evidence
to support this

17 False statement of date of start of tenant association Pappas stated that the Pappas Tenant Association was formed after Shaddock left the property in October 1, 1997. 
Q. You do recall and you did state there came a time while he was still a tenant that he formed a tenant association against you; is that correct?
Pappas: That was after he left. has been registered since 09-Mar-1996. 

See Whois information.

Record Created on 09-Mar-1996


18 False statement of Mrs. Shaddock's visit Pappas said that the day after the incident, Feb 13, Oksana was at his door delivering an undated envelope and envelopes to send money to Shaddock. Oksana never did this, and was in Iowa at the time.

No date on envelope.
It was for Pappas to respond to Web Site

19 Erroneous date Q. Did there come a time when he (Shaddock) left the property? (renting at 2320 South Eads)
Pappas: I think, 1998.
It was September 1997.

1997 was the date on Friedlander letter
(703) 525-6750

20 False statement of return of security deposit Was there a security deposit given back to him?
Pappas: Yes
How much was that?
Pappas $800.  He signed a release and we gave him a security deposit.

Actually it was supposed to be $1600, but to get anything, without having to fly back from Iowa, Shaddock had no choice but to sign.

Friedlander letter
(703) 525-6750

21 False promise of return of security deposit Friedlander also lied.  He wrote a letter that Shaddock would get his deposit back upon vacating the house, but did not get it back for months, after having to pursue legal action.

Note Friedlander's letter of September 1997 makes no mention of any prior eviction, or condemnation of the property. This letter would be worded quite differently if what Pappas claimed was truthful.

Friedlander letter
(703) 525-6750
FAX (703) 525-5597

Friedlander.jpg (1426 bytes)

22 Attempt to bribe a police officer Pappas offered Officer Stephen Meincke of the Arlington police to do moonlighting security work for him, and to come over to his restaurant Athena's for a free lunch. Pappas got Meincke's card in a possible attempt to bribe a police in front of two witnesses.

Oksana 703-486-2222
Gerard 641-472-9177

23 False statement of no problems with tenants Pappas states that "besides Mr. Shaddock, I have had no problems with tenants"

Monica Steplowski can testify that she and Allison Strabic sued Pappas in September 2001 to get their security deposits back.  This indicates tenant problems.  He has a whole association in response to his actions.  Why should people waste time if he was fine?

Monica & Allison Case

henenberg_.jpg (2093 bytes) monicab.jpg (2927 bytes) allisonb.jpg (4568 bytes)

24 False statement of return of security deposits Pappas stated that he "always returns security deposits unless they have done damage to the property." 

Mr. & Mrs. Inman could testify that Pappas did not pay the TM center the deposit.  They ran the TM Center left the house in excellent condition. Mr. Inman also fixed air conditioners at his expense.

Monica and Allison also left their apartments in good condition, yet Pappas tried to steal their deposits.

F. Shaddock
The Inmans
Monica Steplowski
Allison Strabic
wpe13.jpg (21500 bytes)


25 False claim of posters being put up Pappas claimed that Shaddock put up posters in Crystal City about him. Ask him to produce a sample. All Shaddock has done is to host the web site, which all members of the Pappas Tenant Association can contribute to. ( )

Besides, putting up posters is a Constitutional right.

Pappas produced no posters
He would have kept at least one copy, if this really happened.
wpe14.jpg (1778 bytes)

26 False claim of shouting from car Pappas claimed that Shaddock was shouting from his car about Pappas. This is quite out of character, verifiable by anyone who knows him. What would such shouting accomplish except a sore throat? 
In such a busy area as Crystal City, it is unlikely anyone could hear anyone shouting, above the traffic noise.  It is unlikely someone would then seek out Pappas to tell him about the shouting.

No witnesses or evidence support this wpe12.jpg (2249 bytes)
The very idea is preposterous

27 False statement of seeing Shaddock in the Sports Pub At the December 3, 2001 hearing Pappas claimed he saw me in the SportsPub.
From Page 52, Line 16 DISTRICT ATTORNEY:
"From October 1997 to February 2001, did you ever see Mr. Shaddock?"
PAPPAS: "Yes, in the neighborhood, at the Sports Pub. "

Why Pappas would claim that makes no sense. He has not been welcomed in the Sports Pub for years by the owner since 1997 when Pappas towed the owner's Mercedes. The owner, William Bayne, has signed a statement to the effect, and agreed to testify in person if necessary.

With Shaddock's travel and being in Iowa, he has not been in the Sports Pub more than a few times, so it is extremely improbable that Pappas saw him there.  Also, Billy Bayne and Arty Doherty, the managers of the SportsPub could testify as to Pappas' lack of credibility. 

The elderly Pappas would be somewhat out of place among the young, athletic crowd there. It is unlikely that Pappas goes to the SportsPub at all.

William Bayne letter

[Bill's Picture]
[SportsPub Logo]

28 False statement that Shaddock did computer training at house Pappas stated that Rick did computer training at 2320 South Eads, the house. Pappas knew that Shaddock had a professional computer training lab at Crystal Plaza One, on Jefferson Davis Highway, from the Charles E. Smith Management company.

Shaddock's Lease with
Charles E. Smith

29 False statement that envelope was for "pay off" Pappas stated that a letter on Rick's CICorporation letterhead was delivered soon after February 12th with the demand that he put money in it.  A ridiculous notion. The letterhead was old, from before Oct 1997, with the Crystal Plaza One address. This is a standard letter for Webmaster feedback.  Thus Pappas was deliberately lying to detectives as well as the court, in a desperate attempt to manufacture evidence against Rick.

Webmaster letter is
not a Payoff letter
wpe10.jpg (11087 bytes)

30 False statement of lighting conditions Page 44
WETZONIS: What was the lighting like ? (at the time of the incident on Feb 13 8:00pm)
Pappas: Good
Pg 55
DEMSKY. You indicated as you were getting in your vehicle -- can you tell me what the lighting was like around there?
PAPPAS: Not bad.
DEMSKY: Is there a streetlight?

The lighting was very dark. Pappas had no light at the time.  Latitude North 38 degrees, 51.205 minutes by West 77 degrees 3.253 minutes
The sun at the time would rise and set at 5:42 PM.  The sun had been down for over 2 1/4 hours by 8:00 pm.  It was dark.

Street pictures around 8:00pm
(taken a year later on February for comparison purposes)

PappasOfcNight10.jpg (37799 bytes)

31 Improbable positions during the alleged incident Pappas said he was attacked from behind.  If he was exiting the office at 2205 S Fern, facing west, how could someone get on to the porch without him seeing him, then attacking him from behind?  If the lighting was good, why did he not see him?  The porch is open and there is no place to hide.  It would take about 20 seconds to get to the car.  If his back was turned to the car, where did the assailant come from?  One cannot hide towards the south, as there is a fence.   No evidence for footprints coming from under the tree has been offered.  With such an open view, and few points of entry, it is difficult to believe that someone could come up from behind or the sides without being seen. If someone was there, Pappas could have backed through the fence into the house as he still had his keys then.

Photos of Pappas Office and fence


32 Manufacturing a witness, change of role Pappas stated that he went to the China Restaurant he owns after the incident, and that a waiter drove him home that evening. The manager has no recollection of this. 

Page 63 Pappas: I testified I composed myself the best I could.  I walked around the block about 600 feet to a restaurant.  I told the waiter I need a ride home.  He said you look terrible.

In the first hearing it was a Waiter, then by the 3rd it was the Manager.  Pappas knows who is who, as the Manager pays the rent to Pappas for the restaurant.  Some special deal may have been made.

Check with manager

Pappas produced manager for the 3rd trial day.  He may have told his tenant, a man who depends on Pappas to keep his restaurant, what to say.

33 False statement of carrying books Pappas introduced the "books" he was carrying to the car.  In the first 2 trials there was no mention of this.  This seemed to be a way to try to explain why he was on the passenger side of the car, instead of the driver's side.  The car was facing east, so the driver side would be north.  Now Pappas says he was on the south side. 

If Pappas was carrying books when he was allegedly struck, why did he never mention the books falling to the ground in the police report of other testimony?  Why do we never hear of the books until a year after the alleged incident?  Why not until the 3rd hearing?

Simple logic
wpe10.jpg (3664 bytes)

34 False statement of distance from home to office Pappas stated that it was a "5 block" walk from his office to his home.  He should know after so many years how many blocks it is.   He probably traveled this route thousands of times in the last 20 years. 

Pappas claimed it was a short distance to help explain why he supposedly did not drive to work (with his "stolen" car keys).   He lied to the Court by inferring that it was a short walk.  Pappas probably actually drove, as he always does, and had his keys all the time

At the very least, this shows that his statements are exaggerated and unreliable.

It is about 10 blocks
from Pappas' home to office
wpeF.jpg (15106 bytes)

35 False statement regarding living during restoration Pappas stated Shaddock was living at 2320 South Eads during the fire restoration.  This is 1-3 month period following the fire in May 1997.

If this were so, and Pappas did not approve, why didn't he object for months before the August 15, 1997 arrest for trespassing?


Shaddock has proof that he was staying with friends during the restoration
janetsroom.jpg (26536 bytes)


Pressuring another to manufacture false evidence
marvin.jpg (2007 bytes)

Pappas asked Marvin to manufacture expense charges, to justify taking the security deposits from Monica Steplowski and Allison Strabic

§ 18.2-436. Inducing another to give false testimony; sufficiency of evidence.

He faxed this to them on 2/13/2001, after not communicating with them since 11/2000.  This was the night after the alleged visit by Shaddock. 

 monicab.jpg (2927 bytes) allisonb.jpg (4568 bytes)


False accusation
that tenant was
2320rickbenz.jpg (18058 bytes)

Pappas lied to the Police, Magistrate, Commonwealth Attorney, Judge and the Court, that Shaddock was not a tenant on August 15, 1997, despite his active lease through November 15, 1997.

A lease is a document authorizing a person to be legally on the property. 
Shaddock had a valid, active lease, that no one has ever challenged.
Therefore Shaddock was lawfully on the property.

See: TenantsAreNotTrespassers.Org

page1.jpg (750227 bytes)


Withholding relevant information from Fire Investigator

Obstruction of Justice

Pappas failed to tell the Fire Marshall Kenneth Kent about Marvin, who knew the house best, to help in his fire investigation.  See: Fire

marvin.jpg (2007 bytes) wpe5F.jpg (3681 bytes)


False information on fire insurance report

Pappas failed to tell the Insurance Company (may be Equifax), that he did not follow Marvin's advice to change the wiring on the back porch. 

This was the area where the fire started.  Pappas tried to cover up his negligence, which led to the fire.


False accusation
of arson

Pappas knew the fire was due to his negligence regarding the electrical wiring.  To deflect attention from himself, Pappas tries to falsely implicate Shaddock's house guest, in causing the fire.  Shaddock took in a homeless man, on condition he do painting and house work to earn his rent.  Shaddock bought him a suit, and coached him in interview skills, to get a job with a construction company.  This was a great opportunity for him, and has no incentive to set fire to his new found home. 

The also was no incentive for Shaddock to start a fire, and lose precious belongings, including suits, computer books, and his Eagle Scout badge.




Changing of
Witness role

In the first trial of 12/3/2001, Louis Pappas states that after being assaulted he went to a restaurant he owns, the China Restaurant and talked with a waiter.

In the trial 1/7/2002, he changes this to Alan Dang, the manager of the China Restaurant.

This is presumably a man Pappas would know, having signed a lease with him and gaining monthly rent.  It seems that between trial 1 and trial 2, they had a talk and worked out their story.  Being dependent on Pappas for his livelihood, and to prevent a rent increase, Mr. Dang would be under pressure to agree to say anything Pappas wanted him to.

[China Restaurant]

China Restaurant

(no longer in business)

42 Falsely Claims
Exemption from
Landlord Laws
and Housing Code
§§ 36-86. through 36-96

this chapter shall not apply to any single-family house sold or rented by an owner, provided that such private individual does not own more than three single-family houses at any one time

Pappas Claims
Exemption to
Judge Henenberg
henenberg_.jpg (2093 bytes)

Incomplete Police Procedures Help Pappas Lie

More coming - from McCoy Court Reporting Service

See Original Court Transcripts

These all add up to one substantial perjury charge.

Louis has lied to authorities, including:

   SheridanPaul_.jpg (2106 bytes) henenberg_.jpg (2093 bytes) wpe1.jpg (2942 bytes) wpe5F.jpg (3681 bytes)

The Honorable Judge Paul S h e r i d a n
The Honorable Judge Karen Henenberg
The Honorable Judge Benjamin Kendrick
The Honorable Judge Dorothy C l a r k e
Magistrate Christopher J. Agresto
The Honorable Richard Todden
The Honorable William Wetzonis
The Honorable Theo Stamos
Fire Inspector Marshall Kenneth Kent
Detective Steven Meinecke
Office Matthew Hahn

and Court Officers such as
wpe18.jpg (2254 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (4792 bytes)
Leon Demsky, Attorney at Law
Ian Williams, Attorney at Law
Scott Sexauer, Attorney at Law
The Jury

Legislation should be enacted to help ensure this never happens again.

Louie Pappas considers the Arlington Court House a place to lie.
ArlCourt.jpg (46554 bytes)

Determined to never be put in such a situation by a landlord,
Shaddock is now a landlord himself, of 5 properties and 8 tenants
who he treats very well.

Pappas Tenant Association


"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor" - God