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Louie's Corner

In fairness to Louis A. Pappas and his representatives, this web site is not one-sided, and everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and posting on the web.  A major purpose of the Pappas Tenant Association is to bring the power of the web to the people for truth and justice.

Louis Pappas has acknowledged receipt of a self-addressed stamped envelope in which to put his versions of anything on this site, or to attach a note of explanation to anything he or his attorneys feel are inaccurate.  Any responses or rebuttals of his are posted verbatim at Louie's Corner with no editorial.

No one should have to suffer criticism without the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Assistance is also offered to Louis Pappas, or designated webmaster by the Pappas Tenant Association in making his own web page about landlord tenant issues.

Here are Mr. Pappas' responses, denials, or URLs so far:

(none to date)



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