Pappas "5 block walk" - actually 11 blocks

From December 3, 2001 hearing, between Attorney Leon Demsky, and witness Louis Pappas, Page 69, Line 5
DEMSKY: So you got up the next morning, went to work, and called from your office?
PAPPAS: Do you live in Arlington County?
PAPPAS: Yes, five blocks away

Pappas' home is at 2001 South Arlington Ridge Road, and his office is at 2205 South Fern Street, 11 blocks away.

Pappas has driven this route at least a thousand times over the years, twice a day, about 200 times a year, for over 5 years.  Certainly he knows it is over twice the distance he stated from his home to his office.  He is in the real estate field, and thinks in terms of blocks and lots.  He may have stated under oath that it was "five blocks away" to make it sound walkable. 

Why?  If he cannot even count these blocks can we count on him to recount events properly?

Or, was it to cover over the fact that his car keys were never stolen after all?  In that case Pappas has deliberately sought to mislead the police, district attorney, judge, and jury.  

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Here is the shortest route as computed by

More Photos of the "5 blocks"

2001 S Arlington Ridge Rd
Arlington, VA
22202 US

2205 S Fern St
Arlington, VA
22202 US

Total Distance: 0.80 miles Total Estimated Time: 3 minutes

1:  Start out going East on 20TH ST S towards S LYNN ST. 0.68 miles
2:  Turn RIGHT onto S FERN ST. 0.12 miles
Total Estimated Time: Total Distance: 
3 minutes 0.80 miles
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2205 S Fern St
Arlington, VA
22202 US

Louis Lies