Support from Present and Former Tenants

Trial Preparation Assistance

We will help you exercise
your rights by Virginia Law
and plan your strategy

We will help you prepare your Counter Claim

And assist in the recovery
of your security deposit
in Small Claims Court

We will help with you the typing
of legal documents,
and \help you get the wording just right


Printing your Motion on Laser Jet


Organizing your evidence


Calling your witnesses


Ready for Trial


You can call on us.

We'll go to Arlington Court House
to help testify on your behalf

Legal Defense Fund
helps you get advice
from Arlington's top attorneys

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Defending Tenant Rights

Exercising your rights
by Virginia Law

Successful Opposition of Rezoning
from Residential to Commercial
which would have raised rents for tenants


Victorious Tenants get their Security Deposits back

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Monica & Allison
Heroic Tenants

Pappas loses to Tenants
in Arlington District Court
for attempted theft of
$1275 security deposit
from two young lady tenants

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Pappas & Lawyers
Attempted to
misappropriate funds

henenberg_.jpg (2093 bytes) Judge orders Pappas to return funds


Pappas Tenant Association

You Are Not Alone

Landlord Pappas ordered by Arlington Court Judge to return $1275 security deposit to two young lady tenants.

Support Bob Stone

Pappas Tenant Association
3300 North Fairfax Drive, Suite A
P.O. Box 2816
Arlington, VA  22202


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NOTE: The Pappas Tenant Association volunteers are not attorneys.
But we do have a Legal Defense Fund.


Leon Demsky, Esq.

Robert Shaddock, Esq.

Ian Williams, Esq.

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