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Karen A. Henenberg

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Wise Judge of the Arlington District Court

The Honorable Judge Karen A. Henenberg found Louis A. Pappas guilty as charged, for attempting to steal $1275 in security deposits (which would be grand larceny if not a "civil matter") from two young ladies, and awarded the case disposition of a judgement for recovery of the tenants' security deposit.

The Pappas Tenant Association salutes
such Judges as Karen Henenberg,
who stand up for what is right,
for equal rights, and for the law,
no matter how wealthy the defendant.

Judge Henenberg allowed the two lady tenants
to speak their case without attorneys,
which they could not afford,
against Pappas' expensive attorneys.
And they still won.

She shows that the Golden Rule is not,
as Pappas says:
"Those with the gold make the rules" but
"Do unto others as you would have them do to you"
and that the State of Virginia makes the rules.

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Pappas Tenant Association