pappas.jpg (2441 bytes)Incomplete Police Procedures
Enable Pappas to Lie and Abuse the Process

"Without Question, we, the Jury, find the Defendant, Not Guilty" - J. Escobar, Jury Foreman

Detective Steven Meincke and Officer Hahn neglected to gather evidence
at the scene of the alleged incident.  It would have quickly vindicated the Defendant,
saving him and taxpayers thousands in court costs and lost time from productive work.
It would show that Louis Pappas was lying to try to use the law enforcement system
as a tool against his former tenant, probably in retaliation for helping his other tenants.
They just took Louis Pappas at his word, considering this to be an "investigation"
and assumed that Pappas was a normal and honest citizen making a report.
Now that it has been shown that Pappas was deliberately lying
it is time for Arlington Police to arrest Pappas for making a false police report.


Pappas' Statement

Evidence that could have been easily gathered, should have, and was not

1 Pappas said he was carrying some books to the car when he was attacked by the Defendant If the Defendant was really near the car, it is likely that he would have leaned up against the car or touched the books, making finger prints that could have been used to link him to the scene of the alleged incident.  Lack of prints would indicate Pappas was lying. wpeE.jpg (11530 bytes)
2 Pappas said his keys were stolen by the Defendant so there was a lock change to protect his many tenants Receipts could have been gathered from the locksmith to show if Pappas has indeed changed the locks as he claimed under oath.  If there was no lock change on his tenants homes, that indicated the keys were never stolen, and that Pappas was lying. wpe1.jpg (1539 bytes)
3 Pappas said his keys were stolen so there was a lock change Marvin, the handy man who would have changed the locks, should have been interviewed.  Marvin was fired by Pappas for refusing to go along with his story, and testifying against him in court.  Detectives should have interviewed Marvin.

marvin.jpg (2007 bytes)

4 Pappas said his keys were stolen so there was a lock change Pappas should have been asked how he got in to his office or drive his car without keys.  The keys should have been inspected.  If they were old and worn, why?  If they were spare keys and worn, why?   Pappas should have been asked if these were the keys he claimed were stolen. wpe7.jpg (1963 bytes)
5 Pappas said he was attacked on S. Fern Street, near a busy row of restaurants The detective should have asked for a corroborating witness, even just one.

[China Restaurant]

6 Pappas said he was hit on the head, so there would be a bump or bruise Pappas' head should have been photographed to see if he did indeed have any indication of a hit to the head.  Lack of any mark would indicate Pappas was lying.

pappas.jpg (2441 bytes)

7 Pappas said he was attacked at his office Many offices have security cameras, and the film should have been requested, which may have shown the Defendant in the vicinity.  Pappas' office is next door to restaurants which have cameras, and near a bank which has a 24 hour security camera.

8 Pappas said he went to a Dr. Manchester for the head injury the morning after the alleged assault.

Then he changed his story, that a Dr. Carpousis examined his head.

Then he changed his story that his cousin examined it weeks later.

Police should have called Dr. Manchester for a medical report for use as evidence at the trial.  However, upon finding there was no such doctor, this should have been a clue that Pappas was lying.  Pappas later changed his mind, that a Dr. Carpousis was the doctor, who has no record of seeing Pappas.

wpe9.jpg (1895 bytes)

9 Pappas said he went to a Dr. Manchester on 2/13/2001
11:11 am
This was the same time that Office Hahn was taking the initial police report, the night after the alleged incident.  Obviously Pappas could not be in two places at once.

wpe5.jpg (15360 bytes)

10 Pappas claimed he was "victim" and telling the truth, and signed a police report under penalty of perjury A character background check, by asking individuals in his community, would have shown that Pappas had a poor reputation for telling the truth - as "the worst liar in Arlington."

There was no CSI - no Crime Scene Investigation at all.
Detectives like those on CSI, Hawaii 5-0, or Law & Order certainly would have done one.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Hawaii 5-0

Law and Order

These detectives would not have been so easily fooled by Pappas.

Sherlock Holmes

Pappas had no doctor's evidence, photographs or signs of being hit on the head. His keys are worn and old, indicating he has had them all along for years.  He hated the former tenant.  His motives are elementary, my dear Watson.

Lt. Frank Philip Columbo

One more thing, Mr. Pappas.  Now, which doctor did you say you went to, Dr.  Manchester, Carpousis, or your cousin?  I have trouble remembering these things, and it sounds like you do too.
Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy

Pappas is obviously lying to us.   He keeps changing his story.  I'm coming back to headquarters to get back to some real cases.

American citizens deserve protection from
over zealous prosecutors on stupid charges
and improperly investigated cases.

Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife

Barney, it sounds like ol' Louis Pappas is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
Now, how could he drive or get in his house if all his keys were really stolen?
Sometimes some folks will try to misuse your power as an officer of the law.