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Virginia Tenant Wrongfully Accused of Trespassing - in his own home!

"That's pretty bad!  If a tenant can be charged with trespassing, we've hit rock bottom" - M.S.
The police should focus on their real job to to protect citizens, not being used by landlords."  D.T.

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Frederick S. was just doing his wash, on his own machine, with water he was paying for, had an active lease with Pappas Realty from October 1993 extended through November 1997, with nothing to the contrary (no eviction, property not condemned, no keep out sign) was paying all utilities (including water, electricity, phone, etc.), received all his mail there, had keys to all doors of the property, parked his cars on the private parking lot, and was keeping watch over all his personal property in the house with the knowledge of all his neighbors, and the written approval of the landlord at the time of the alleged "unlawful entry" of August 15, 1997.

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Duration of Frederick's House Rental Lease at 2320 South Eads: Oct 93 - Nov 97

A Tragedy in American Justice
A Disgrace to our Democratic System
A Waste of Arlington Tax Payer Dollars

Why would a Landlord tell the Police that his Tenant was Trespassing?

Frederick founded the Pappas Tenant Association,
to educate tenants on their rights by Virginia Law

including how to recognize and report Housing Code violations,
and to coach them in the recovery of their security deposits in Small Claims Court.
He testified to the Arlington County Zoning Board about Pappas' zoning violations.

Influential millionaire landlord Louis Pappas falsely accused him of trespassing
Arlington law enforcement officials did not properly investigate the allegation of
"unlawful entry with the intent to destroy property"
Fred had a lease to be on the property, and the property in the house was his own.

Pappas Puppets

Pappas Lies to Manipulate Arlington Authorities

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Frederick was registered at
2320 South Eads Street
Arlington, VA  22202
to vote, and to run for public service.

Frederick S.
Tenant from Oct 1993 - Oct 1997
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Frederick's Mercedes Benzes
Blue 280, Grey 450SL, Gold 280
were parked at the property

The Police never gave the Tenant even 2 minutes to show them his Lease.
This would have avoided over 7 years of expenses for the Tenant and the state of Virginia.
Prosecutors suppressed relevant exculpatory evidence, such as the Lease, from the Judge.
Here, for the world to see, is his legal authorization to be on the property at that time.

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6. Tenant is hereby granted a one (1) year extension to this lease with all conditions remaining the same.  Tenant agrees to a five (5) percent (%) monthly rental increase for this extension period, commencing on the first day of December 1996 and expiring on the thirtieth day of November 1997.

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More bills to the tenant at
2320 South Eads
Arlington, VA  22202

His phone number was active
at the property at the time of the charge.

Contrary to the testimony of Louis Pappas under oath
The property was Not Condemned
There was never any Eviction effort
There was no keep out sign
The Lease was still in effect

This false charge serves no purpose to the people of the Commonwealth
only for the selfish glee of the lying landlord Louis Papp../bills/otheras
who used our law enforcement system to retaliate against tenants
at Virginia taxpayer expense of over $10,000.

Stay Away Orders Are Unfair to Tenants

The Magistrate issued a stay away order, pending the trial, which disallowed the tenant
from retrieving his clothing and other belongings from the home he had rented for years..
This renders even valid tenants suddenly home-less. 
Luckily Frederick was not office-less, as the owner of a computer company in Crystal Plaza.
His secretary had to retrieve his suit and other essential belongings from his house.
The tenant is now a landlord of rental properties himself, and treats his tenants well.
But other tenants may not be so fortunate, and have no place to go.

Even if it was a totally different house than the tenant's
he and his wife have been overly punished for this dubious misdemeanor.

The United States of America is leader of the free world,
spreading our form of democracy to other nations.
Our justice system should set an example for other nations to follow.

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How Could This Happen in America

"The Land of the Free"?



Let's be tough - but also smart - on crime

Pappas Tenant Association

Pappas Tenants speak at Arlington County Zoning Hearing 
televised on Arlington Cable TV
regarding rezoning of Pappas properties
from Residential to Commercial.

October 2, 1995 R1 to C2 request

October 14, 1995 R1 to C1 request

28 November 1995

8 July 1998 

Louis Pappas attempts to rezone house commercial
to justify increase in rent

Pappas Tenant Association founder Shaddock reported
Pappas' history of noncompliance with zoning regulations

Association's shared P.O. Box - Be sure to include member in address
Pappas Tenant Association
P.O. Box 2816
Arlington, VA  22202

24 Hour Hotline: 703-486-2222

24 Hour Faxline: 877-727-9070

Please sign our
Petition for Judicial Review
Tenants Are Not Trespassers


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"We will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost,
but will make it very certain
that this form of treachery
shall never again endanger us."

Franklin D. Roosevelt December 8, 1941


"We will not only defend our rights to the uttermost,
but will make it very certain, that this form of landlord treachery
(stolen security deposits, false trespassing accusation)
never again endanger any tenant."

Frederick S., Pappas Tenant Association

Arlington National Cemetery

This travesty of justice happened in Arlington,
just minutes from where we honor
American soldiers who died for a fair and democratic system

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"The police will always believe a rich old man..."

Louis A. Pappas



Petition to The Governor for a new trial or dismissal


Petition to The Delegate for a new trial or dismissal


Petition to The Virginia Attorney General for an investigation


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Watch for shows on "False Accusations", "Abuse of Power"
and "Prosecutorial Misconduct" on the JohnWalsh.TV show

Tenants Are Not Trespassers 


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