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A Lying Millionaire's Marionettes
Landlord Retaliation at Virginia Tax Payer Expense

How four Arlington County Law Enforcement officials were used by Louis Pappas, through false police reports and false statements under oath, to punish his tenants who exercised their rights by Virginia Law, by reporting Housing Code violations and taking him to Small Claims Court for recovery of their rightful security deposits.  Either they were corrupt, or gullible - and do not deserve to represent the good and common sense people of the Commonwealth Virginia.


Judge Dorothy Clarke Judge Paul A. Sheridan Detective Steven Meincke Prosecutor William Wetzonis
Yes Mr. Pappas, I'll be the first Judge to find a tenant guilty of trespassing in his own home, even though he has all the utilities in his name, fully paid rent, and I am holding his valid lease in my hands at the bench.  I can see there are several months of tenancy still left to go, but that doesn't matter.  How dare he form a tenant association! Sir, Yes, Sir!  And I'll be the first Judge to jail for "unlawful entry with the intent to destroy property" - even though the defendant was lawfully there and all the property in the home was his.  Would a landlord lie?  I'll also believe the obviously biased stories of his business competitor, who has 3 active warrants for his arrest in DC, and 8 small claims judgments even while he is lying under oath on the witness stand beside me. Thanks for the free meals at the restaurants you own.  Sure, I'll arrest the tenant you claim stole your keys, even though you still have them in your possession, and he was 1000 miles away at the time. He'll think twice about starting any more tenant associations.  The first step most detectives take is to visit the scene of the alleged incident for evidence, such as fingerprints.  But I never did, and just took your word it, as my "investigation". I'll try to prosecute him three times, even though you changed your story each trial about which, if any doctor, you went to, and made a false police report about the keys being stolen when there was no lock change.
I also researched his wife's fiancee visa history and will try to infer some wrong doing, even though she followed all the procedures.  Maybe I can intimidate her on the stand with some KGB tactics.  The jury should believe one of your 3 versions.

Pappas Lies to Manipulate Arlington Authorities like Marionettes

Sadly gullible and unable to detect a liar who is misusing their authority

Description of the essential false allegations of Louis Pappas to U.S. Law Enforcement officials

My tenant is trespassing - Pappas claimed that his tenant was trespassing even though he had 3 more months left on the lease, fully paid rent, utilities all active in his name, with no documentation to the contrary.  A lease is a legal document authorizing a person to be on a property for given period of time.

He stole my keys I've always had! - Pappas made a false police report that his keys were stolen, even though he still had them.  He claimed that he had to change all the locks on his properties, but could not produce a single relevant receipt in court.  His handy man Marvin testified there was no lock change and that Pappas "still has the same old keys he's had for years." (Marvin lost his job for refusing to support his boss's story in court.)

He hit me from 1000 miles away! - Pappas charged a former tenant with assault, even though he was over 1000 miles away at the time.  The tenant had to endure many lies at the trial, and was quickly "Without Question...Not Guilty"

He had a gun, well maybe not! - Pappas initially stated to the officer that a gun was involved in the assault, in order to make it sound more serious.  He then changed his mind, perhaps after being unable to describe the gun to the officer, and the charge was changed to a misdemeanor assault with fists.

These ladies left the apartment a mess! - Pappas claimed in court that two lady tenants left the apartment they were renting from him in bad condition, in order to "justify" his retaining their security deposits.  But the ladies carefully cleaned it.  Judge Henenberg did not believe Pappas, and awarded the ladies their rightful security deposits.

He is harassing me - with Housing Code Reports! - Pappas made claims of harassment by his tenant, however he was rightfully complaining about safety hazards in the home.  Pappas evicted an elderly man for reporting Housing Code violations.

I'm not a full time landlord - Pappas, head of Pappas Realty Company, under oath, claimed to the Judge that he is not a full time landlord, and therefore exempt from having to follow the Virginia Housing Code.

Pappas was never punished for his numerous lies
under oath to authorities, as he sits smiling in his mansion

So, this is the "ideal" American Justice System
that we want the world to adopt - even at gun point?

In the United States, why can the rich can lie and get away with it?

We should clean up our own justice system if we are forcing it upon other nations.
America should set an example of justice for all, not "justice for the rich"

Why didn't they see his obvious lies?

Corrupt or Gullible?  Either way, they do not deserve to represent the people of Virginia.
It is the job of police and prosecutors to look for the negative, within reason. 
But we count on judges to require evidence, and exercise wisdom,
to prevent our law enforcement system from becoming a tool for the rich.

Incomplete Police Procedures Enable Pappas to Lie

By contrast, would the Police, Prosecutors, and Judges
like those portrayed on Law & Order be so easily misused?

NBC TV Law & Order stars


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Monica S. & Allison S. of Arlington VA
win judgment for their security deposit
from lying landlord Louis Pappas and
partner in crime Attorney Mark Friedlander



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