Pappas "Secret House"

Pappas proudly tells many that one of his houses was
seen by millions in the 1987 movie NO WAY OUT.
But he keeps it secret from the Judge,
saying he is "not a full time landlord", and
therefore exempt from Housing Code Regulations
for providing proper living conditions to tenants

Arlington Ridge Road
This house was featured in the
1987 movie "No Way Out"
as the "Russian Spy House"
near the Pentagon

Director Roger Donaldson
Starring Kevin Costner,
Sean Young,
and Gene Hackman
Map View

Not reported as his on the Arlington County Records
to avoid Landlord Tenant Law

It didn't take the CIA or FBI for movie Director Roger Donaldson to find this house to use in the film,
as Pappas is well known as a landlord in Arlington

YouTube video of the opening scenes of  "No Way Out"
showing one of Pappas' rental properties,
playing the role as "the Russian spy house" in the movie.

Pappas kept the number of his residential houses a secret, lying under oath to
gavel.jpg (1312 bytes) henenberg_.jpg (2093 bytes) ArlCourt.jpg (46554 bytes)
The Honorable Judge Karen Henenberg 

After the tenants graciously allowed their home to be used by the director, movie crew,
and Kevin Costner for filming, Pappas declared the house more valuable, and raised their rent!


Near the Pentagon

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