Evidence Assistance Respectfully Submitted
to Assist Investigators
for Arlington Police Report 030503022
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Perjury is a Felony under 18USC§1621 and a
Class 5 Felony under §18.2-434,435,436 of the Virginia Code

Pappas lied under oath to make false charges in retaliation against a tenant
who formed a tenant association and who was found not guilty of all Pappas' accusations
"Without Question, we, the Jury, find the Defendant, Not Guilty" - J. Escobar, Foreman

"The police will always believe a rich old man." - Louis Pappas

"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness" - God

Anyone found to have submitted a false police report
will be prosecuted under the authority of Virginia State Code, Section §18.2-461,
which shall be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.
Maximum possible penalty is one year in jail and/or $2500 fine.

Pappas' 40+ Lies to 10+ Arlington Authorities
Probable Cause for the Arrest of Louis A. Pappas
Do Arlington courts take perjury under oath seriously?
Or is it ok for rich people to lie?

Proposed Legislation for the General Assembly of Virginia
Bills to Help Prevent Similar Situations

Incomplete Police Procedures Enable Pappas to Lie

Pappas Should Reimburse the Taxpayers of Virginia
for the Cost of his False Accusations and Reports

What is the age where one can start committing perjury?
What is the income level where one is not punished?
Are millionaires exempt from perjury charges?
Would Pappas have received such attention if he was a pauper?
Or is there Equal Justice Under the Law?

"Old Age and Treachery Will Overcome Youth and Skill"
Theme from the engraved invitation to Pappas' birthday party July 1, 2001
He seems to be proud of how he has misused public officials

Pappas Puppets

Pappas Lies to Manipulate Arlington Authorities

Why didn't they see his obvious lies?

False Accusations Distract Police from Serious Matters

How did terrorists operate so easily in Crystal City prior to 9/11?
Pappas Realty used and distracted Arlington Law Enforcement to serve selfish landlord needs
thus making it easier for terrorists to operate in Arlington and plan September 11, 2001

Law Enforcement has spent thousands in Arlington Virginia Tax Payer funds, and hundreds of man hours prosecuting Pappas's tenants.
125 military service members, employees and contract workers died in the September 11 attack on the Pentagon building in Arlington.
An additional 64 people died aboard the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the west side of the building.
Pappas was never punished or even charged for his numerous false police reports and perjury in courts of law.
Virginia tax payers paid for the prosecutions, as Pappas Realty avoids taxes with numerous real estate write offs.

Pappas may lie to his tenants, or other citizens, but should
NOT lie to these official court and law enforcement authorities.
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Including those who acted according to Pappas' bogus claims:

The Honorable Judge Paul Sheridan
The Honorable Judge Karen Henenberg
The Honorable Judge Benjamin Kendrick
The Honorable Judge Dorothy Clarke
Magistrate Christopher J. Agresto
The Honorable Richard Todden
The Honorable William Wetzonis
The Honorable Theo Stamos
Fire Inspector Marshall Kenneth Kent
Detective Steven Meinecke
Office Matthew Hahn

and Court Officers such as
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Leon Demsky, Esq., Attorney at Law
Ian Williams, Esq., Attorney at Law
The Jury

Legislation should be enacted to help ensure this never happens again.
For us to be fooled once by Pappas, shame on him, fooled again, shame on us.

Louie Pappas considers the Arlington Court House a place to lie.
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Our justice system is not a toy.

False accusations are attempts to make 

Mafia bosses

out of

Honorable Judges


to order our honorable Police to take someone away


Instead of hiring thugs

using police to arresting
the innocent

False accusations are attempts to use the Law against itself.
False accusations are a crime and waste resources.
False accusations should be punished.

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Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor
Encouraging prosecution of those who lie and
misuse law enforcement officers to get others arrested

Helping in cases as a computer expert witness

New EEG based Recognition Response measurement
Useful in testing recognition of evidence
and help putting an end to perjury

Center for Wrongful Convictions

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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and never will be ...
The people cannot be safe without information.
Where the press is free, and every man is able (and willing) to read, all is safe."

Thomas Jefferson

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

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"We will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost,
but will make it very certain
that this form of treachery
shall never again endanger us."

Franklin D. Roosevelt December 8, 1941

"We will not only defend our rights to the uttermost,
but will make it very certain, that this form of landlord treachery
(stolen security deposits, false trespassing accusation)
shall never again endanger any tenant."

F.  Shaddock, Pappas Tenant Association

Pappas dupes and manipulates Arlington authorities in to working against the law for his real estate business purposes