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Landlord Pappas ordered by Arlington Court Judge to return $1275 security deposit to two young lady tenants.
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The Pappas Tenant Association is a group of present and past tenants of the Louis Pappas Real Estate Trust Corporation, most of whom live or work in the Crystal City / Arlington, VA area. It was founded in 1994. This World Wide Web page serves as a forum for discussion and information concerning issues related to the rental of property from the Pappas Trust. The PTA seeks to prevent conflict before it arises, and facilitate smooth and peaceful resolution of issues between the tenants and management.

Now prospective tenants at least have the opportunity to search Yahoo for the landlord's name, see what experiences others have had, and decide if they want to sign a lease.  No longer can landlords get away with not returning security deposits, thinking no one will know about it.  It is a New Age - of the Internet, and easy access to knowledge.
Postings on this site are protected by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution
Virginia Law 55-248.50 (Retaliatory conduct prohibited) safeguards citizens from retaliatory action from the landlord for participating in tenant associations, filing housing code or zoning complaints.

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Louis Pappas, Pappas Real Estate Trust Company

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Louis Pappas has full rights to respond with rebuttals

Quotes from Louis A. Pappas

"You know what the Golden Rule is - Those with the Gold make the Rules."
"The police will always believe a rich old man."
"Tenants can have any house improvements they want - and can afford."
"Our tax system is great, especially for those with real estate."
"I love all my tenants - I just don't like some of them."
"Old Age and Treachery Will Overcome Youth and Skill"

Theme from the engraved invitation to his birthday party July 1, 2001

Pappas Ordered by Judge
to Repay Tenants

The Honorable Judge Karen Henenberg
of the Arlington District Court
orders Pappas to return $1275 in security deposits
he attempted to keep, to two young lady tenants

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Affiliated with the

  National Association for Renters Rights  

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Pappas Stalls on Deposit Return
as Friedlander breaks promise
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Another deposit was not returned as promised - even for months after tenant moved out.   A landlord should simply send the security deposit to the tenant within a week of the move out date.   

But the tenant had to make repeated requests and start pursuing legal action to get his promised funds.  This was difficult as he had moved over 1000 miles away.  The time and trouble to get his funds was more than the deposit itself.

This is often the case, when tenants cannot afford the funds or time off from work to pursue justice.  Meanwhile, landlords have the luxury of time, money, and may even purchase special considerations.

Millionaire Pappas has taken up hundreds of  hours and public funds
from the Arlington Commonwealth Attorney and Police Departments
for serving his tenant matters rather than the Public.  Pappas made
unfounded accusations and contradictory statements under oath.
These accusations did not stand up in court.  Pappas offered
no physical evidence, and only his inconsistent testimonies.
It took precious resources away from the War on Terrorism,
unsolved murders (click) and finding missing persons.

William, Ravi, Louie
Would Pappas get such attention if he was a pauper?
- ?

Bad Karma - Stealing from the Saintly

From 1990-1993, the properties at 505 24th Street and 2320 South Eads next door provided meeting rooms for a Transcendental Meditation Center.

The meditators were ideal tenants. They naturally fulfilled all tenant responsibilities, generously made improvements at their own expense, and left the house in pefect condition.

Nevertheless, in 1993 Pappas refused to return the TM Center's $1000 security deposit.  In the interests of peace, they transcended the issue.  They did not pursue legal action. 
Yet, Pappas was left to the universal Law of Karma.

Meditator 2320eads.gif (25289 bytes)[tm_women.gif]
2320 South Eads
Street, Arlington VA
former TM Group Program Facility,
headquarters for the Natural Law Party of Northern Virginia

Fire at 2320 South Eads
What happened in 1997?
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  • Pappas' handy man Marvin had been advising him for years from 1994 - 1997 to fix electrical wiring at 2320 South Eads. 

  • Pappas' negligence finally leads to a fire in May 25, 1997.  

  • Pappas knowlingly withheld this information (and Marvin's existence) from Fire Investigator Kenneth Kent

  • Pappas seeks maximum payment from Fire Insurance Company for repair of his house.

  • Pappas receives increase in property value to his house of over $57,500 without paying for the repairs.


Pappas Tenants, including PTA founder Shaddock,
speak at Arlington County Zoning Hearing 
against rezoning of Pappas properties from Residential to Commercial.

October 2, 1995 R1 to C2 request

October 14, 1995 R1 to C1 request

28 November 1995

8 July 1998 

Louie's Corner.  This web site is not one-sided, and everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and posting on the web, including Louis Pappas.  The PTA seeks to enliven the highest ideals of democracy.  He has acknowledged receipt of a self-addressed stamped envelope in which to put his versions or opinions of anything on this site, or to attach a note of explanation to anything he or his attorneys feel are inaccurate.  Any responses or rebuttals of his are posted verbatim at Louie's Corner.  Changes to all pages are open for discussion, given the presentation of evidence and corroboratory testimony. 
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